Fergorex – Remarkable pearlescent

Available in wide range of colours, size and substance*
* 120 gsm, 230 gsm, 245 gsm.
* A4, 70X100 cm
* Golden Blue, Aragon, Mauve, Alumina, Treasure Gold, Dutch Orange, Missed Silvery,
Lithos Brown, Blue Sapphire, Granite, African Gold.

 Fergorex – Remarkable pearlescent

Play up and down
Remarkable pearlescent, metallic iridescent or shimmering effects that change chromatic dominance, depending on the observation angle.
Fergorex has superior luxurious finish in solid bold metallic colors that doesn’t flake off..
unlike some that tends to shed over time or lose its shine!

NEW !!
 FERGOREX Diamond Gold
Available in 120 gsm and 230 gsm.

(As appeared in Concept magazine Vol. 33 January 2010)