Fedrigoni products includes Arcoprint, X-per, Freelife, and Woodstock

Arcoprint is an extra white uncoated opal finished paper with smoothness that will give you an excellent opacity in results.
Recommended for business stationery and general corporate communications such as letterheads, art reproductions, inserts, agendas, calendars, cards, and boxes. It is also ideal for finishing processes, namely letter press, lithography, blocking, stamping, and embossing.
Available in various subtance and size:
110 gsm – 64×88 cm
200 gsm – 64×88 cm
250 gsm – 70×100 cm

Whisper in silence
Exaggerate in ideas
Fedrigoni X-per paper
The ultimate X factor

To significantly enhance your design with lively effects and even colors
X-per, pigmented paper with premium fibers – let you play creatively!
Available in wide substance and size:
120 gsm – 72×102 cm
140 gsm – 72×102 cm
320 gsm – 72×102 cm

Woodstock – 100% Recycled Paper
Rejuvenate in Woodstock
A haven for wild imagination
A restoration to Mother Nature
Woodstock – Natural recycled fibres for the environmental conscious.
Available in BETULLA color:
110 gsm – 45×64 cm
225 gsm – 70×100 cm

Freelife – 100% Recycled Paper
Freedom of expression …Freedom of speech… Freedom of choices …Freedom of philosophy… Freedom of opinions… Freedom of ideas… Freedom of beliefs…Freedom of feelings…& the ultimate Freedom to create
Freeline – an uncoated premium quality recycled papers with a smooth finish.
This paper’s eccentric personality gives you maximum freedom of expression as its velvety fine surface brings forth a perfect balance to the printing results. It is 100% recycled paper, and naturally colored with high performance, resistance and smoothness.

***FSC certified***
Available in wide range of substance, colour, and size:
Cento : 120 gsm – 64×88 cm
140 gsm – 64×88 cm
Vellum : 215 gsm – 70×100 cm

(Freelife Cento as appeared in Concept magazine Vol 31)