our history

Our History

Established in over half a centry ago and registered as company in 1989, Cinjoe Jaya has never stopped growing.

The word Cinjoe is derived from the Chinese characters << 振裕 >>

means to rise and take flight

means abundance and wealth

As a company, we aim to make powerful progress, build reputation, and share the abundant results with our employees, suppliers, and customers for a better future together.

Our Growth

For the past half century, CJ’s business grew based on trust, integrity, consistency, performance and delivery.
Reputation and branding is key to stability and market penetration
Sound business practices and corporate governance is the foundation for business growth in long run.

Our Group

Established as PD. Cinjoe in Semarang from over 50 years ago, our company has never stop learning to grow.
PT Cinjoe Jaya are now available in a new HQ building in Jakarta, with an open-for-public paper gallery.
Call us now to get your scheduled appointment with our proffesional paper consultant!
Hunting fixed line : (62-21)-6631688.

Track Records

Established reputation and brand names in Indonesia and overseas
Largest importer of brown kraft of UPM Kymmene outside of Europe*
Largest kraft paper distributor/converter in Indonesia**
Largest distributor for APRIL in Indonesia (large sheets)***

Cinjoe is now distributor for Riau Andalan Paper, Esa Kertas Nusantara, Setia Kawan, Billerud and sub-dist for Sinarmas and Surya Kertas.
* Source : UPM-Kymmene
** Source : Jaakoo Povry Research 2004
*** Source : Riau Paper

Our Products have been widely used in Indonesia …

Annual reports, greeting cards, communication collateral, calendars, and etc.