our philosophy

As a leading paper distributor in Indonesia, aintaining unmatched standards of excellence remains our ongoing commitment, achieved by embedding our four core corporate values into every steps of our operations.

1. Customer First

Placing customers at the forefront, we actively listen, connect businesses, and provide creative support through our dedicated service personnel, ensuring their needs remain central to all our endeavors.

2. Core Competencies enhanced with exceptional teamwork

We consistently review our processes ensuring our technology remains up to date, while building upon our core competencies in converting, trading, logistics, and strategic marketing to maximize our enterprise value. The synergy among our members fosters a dynamic environment where each individual’s abilities complement others’, resulting in a collective competence greater than the sum of its parts.

3. Continuous Improvement

Through the application of best practices and Total Quality Management (TQM), we consistently evolve, ensuring innovative solutions that meet the dynamic needs of the market.

4. Care for Environment & Development 

As responsible citizens, we balance stakeholder needs while staying committed to supplying sustainable paper, while also investing in development and education initiatives.