Aleo – 55% Recycled Paper
* 100% virgin fibres
* 100% natural
* 100% environmentally friendly
* 100% chlorine free

Aleo means high quality, high performance in terms of whiteness, gloss level and print reproduction, unequalled for an environmental recycled coated paper.

***FSC certified***
Available in:
130 gsm, 64×90 cm
170 gsm, 64×90 cm
250 gsm, 70×100 cm

Edixion fineprint.
Deluxe uncoated matt white with silky finish.
For all your fine prints.
Available in 120 gsm, 170 gsm, 250 gsm and 300 gsm – 64×94 cm.


Create a sheer mirage of light and shade with this translucent mystery.
Delicately unveil and reveal your dream.
Designers’ choice: “Cromatico suggests discreetly without showing off and magnifies what it pretends to hide. For the illusion of movement or an opalescent effect, or to contrast, blend or sublime.”
Translucent paper which expresses purity – available in various colours: shocking pink, vermillion, mango, yellow, spring green, ivory.
Available substance and size : 100 gsm, 64×92 cm

Dentelle is extra white transparent paper available in a pattern’s range, unique in the world. It is an image paper with a strong personality and quilted touch.
Dentelle frost is translucent paper with frosted effect; it has very thin pattern, universally appreciated, considered natural aspect and used widely. Its translucency is heightened by a delicate watermarked pattern, it gives magnificent effects with all the usual printing techniques, but requires careful handling.
Available in various colours:
Frost extra white, Byzantium, Flame – 85 gsm, 64×92 cm

Eural Text
Natural white.
Contemporary smooth.
For that European feel.
For action louder than words.
Available in 130 gsm, 160 gsm, 250 gsm – 64×94 cm.

Magno Star
A true star for projects requiring smooth, sleek, and professional results.
Coated with a glossy white surface and tinted with the extra brightness and smoothness. Best shot with UV Spot Varnish.
Available in 150 gsm, 63.5 x 94 cm

In”NOVA”tion + “TECH”nology
An everyday solution.
For your text and cover needs.
Available in 100 gsm, 130 gsm and 170 gsm – 64×94 cm.

Sano Classic
A classic touch for your elegant and innovative design!
Great performance in offset printing, with a timeless light and glossy finish. Unmatched quality, heat resistance and smoothness coupled with brilliant sharpness and brightness makes SANO a classic choice.
Available in wide range of substance : 135 gsm, 150 gsm, 170 gsm, 200 gsm, 350 gsm – 64×94 cm.

Satimat – 60% Recycled paper.
A new generation of high quality coated paper, use less virgin fibre and come from well-managed forests.
Satimat has a bright white share – excellent ink to paper contrast, superb reproduction, excellent opacity for heavy ink loads, and a very good bulk.
Available in :
135 gsm, 170 gsm – 64×94 cm
250 gsm, 350 gsm – 70×100 cm

The winning combination of the characteristics of a high quality paper is presented in Manington.
Manington provides both perfect readability and quality image reproduction, with high gloss contrast compared to other premium papers. It has excellent textures, good opacity, resistance to creasing and folding, tensile strength, extra sharpness and brightness effect with excellent surface sizing that improves your overall printing results.

The pulp used is produced with ECF (Elemental Chlorine Free), fulfills the requirements for permanence of paper according to ISO 9706:1994.
Applicable for shopping bags, books, posters, annual reports, prestigious edition, brochures, folders, covers, greetings cards, luxury packaging, inserts, tags, display boxes and embossing.
Available in wide range of substance – 120 gsm, 200 gsm and 250 gsm

(As appeared in Concept magazine Vol. 29)