We are FSC certified distributor, ready to serve you from Jakarta and Surabaya Connecting Industries and Enabling Sustainable Packaging Solutions In the modern world, packaging plays a vital role in protecting products, enhancing their market appeal, and promoting sustainability. One material that has gained significant popularity in the packaging industry is paperboard. Paperboard, with its […]

Manington Fancy Paper

Manington Fancy Paper is a type of decorative paper that is widely used in a variety of applications, from scrapbooking and crafting to bookbinding and packaging. This paper is known for its unique textures, patterns, and colors, which make it a popular choice among artists and designers. Manington Fancy Paper is made from high-quality materials […]

V-LITE Fine Paper

V-lite is a fine paper that combines the advantages of uncoated and art-coated paper, which creates saturated colors and a glossy finish to the surface. Super fine base with fine coating formula provides brilliant shade, excellent printability, such as varnish, embossing, foil printing, die cutting and folding. The two different shades are categorized in order […]