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ZAP Photocopy paper

Our newest product :

ZAP Photocopy paper for a stress-free printing guaranteed!


Now available in Indonesia!

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CoCoon - 100% Recycled Paper

Cocoon is an innovative range of extra white certified FSC 100% recycled papers. Cocoon is produced totally ecologically using very advanced technology giving it the appearance and printing qualities of a paper made from virgin fibre, but with far superior environmental credentials.

Cocoon Preprint : a top quality uncoated preprint laser paper available in 80gsm, 90 gsm and 120 gsm suitable for digital and laser printing.
Cocoon Offset : a top quality uncoated offset paper available in 160 gsm, 200 gsm, 250 gsm suitable for offset printing.
Both papers, Cocoon Offset and Cocoon Preprint, deliver ultimate credentials with the highest possible whiteness (CIE 150).

LenzaLenza Top - 100% Recycled Paper

Recycled paper from 100% waste paper with a minimum 60% share of lower and medium grades without the addition of optical brighteners, with no chlorine bleaching, plus extra high whiteness grades, available in two shades : Natural shade and snow shade, 115 gsm, 190 gsm and 250 gsm.